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"Being accepted is teaching me how to accept myself. You are not aloof or detached. You truly understand what I am experiencing and you are able to put what I am feeling in words. From a place of being understood, I can heal and make progress."

N.K. -

"I started letting go of enormous shame around my childhood history and seeing innate value within myself that I had no idea existed before working with you. I am no able to see where my life has been governed by fear and insecurity. I now make better choices from a position of strength and evolving self acceptance"

Randy -

"I understand and accept my feelings and am less judgmental of myself. I am less afraid of getting stuck in difficult feelings, and I now allow myself to feel and get through them on my own. This gives me more energy to enjoy the moment, instead of directing all my energy to shut down my feelings so I can get through the day."

K.K. -

"Your approach is a no B.S. one, call a spade a spade and you do it without causing guilt. You called me on my statements and helped me understand why I was saying or doing them. Rationalization is destructive and covers up the elephant in the room. You helped me understand my work persona vs. my not-at-work persona. My life has changed by learning to say NO. I learned that No is OK, and also helps other people accept my Yes as true. What a concept!!"

Bobby -

"I was angry and did not understand why. I was often triggered by minor interactions with family and coworkers. I feel like you called me on my BS where others would not. I appreciate the honesty and that you were willing to take that risk. I feel like that approach helped move things forward where in the past I would have opted out. I found it especially useful to work on traumatic issues for the first time as an adult. I am now triggered less often, and my relationships are better and overall more fulfilling."

Wade -

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