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Life Lessons from Nighttime Parenting

As a parent, I have long been aware of what I consider the only “rule” for great parenting: as soon as I think I have figured out how to be a good parent for my child, he is going to change, grow, or


Vulnerability & Choice: Your deepest source of power

We all have a story about feeling vulnerable. For many, the experience of vulnerability conjures a great deal of fear (even terror), and a history of avoiding situations, conversations, and interactio


Being Gentle, Being Slow

I was reminded again this morning of these words that have served me so well in the past, yet are so easy to forget: “Being gentle, being slow.”  In our fast-paced world it can sure seem that everyon


Find Compassion Today

Finding compassion,
The Journey belongs to no one.
I come home to now.

This haiku came to me as I was sitting with my morning coffee today. And as I repeated it with each breath


A developmental trauma perspective on working with men in therapy

As a developmental therapist, I am always looking to answer one question when working with my clients: Where did their challenge/struggle/difficulty originate? The answer is rarely simple, and never i


Getting Un-stuck

I am constantly asked by clients HOW they can change unwanted patterns in their lives. The question is varied but usually revolves around the same theme:  I keep doing the same thing even though I do


The difficulty of making changes last

For many people, the ability to make changes comes naturally, depending on the nature of the change.  Trying a new food, learning a new task, making a new friend, starting a new job…these may just


Trustworthy relationships start with “No”

You may be one of the folks out there who think that a fulfilling relationship is based on mutual support and selfless giving. Setting boundaries is not necessary because you want the other person to


Perfect relationships must have pain, not just pleasure

Everyone wants that perfect relationship, don’t they?  It seems that with all the images of intimacy and romance that are thrown around it should be easy.  Just follow the formula (if you can) and y



I am reminded with today being Memorial Day that taking pause to reflect can be such a healthy and necessary practice to incorporate into our lives.  Whatever your views may be on issues of politics,