Scott David Clift, MA, LPC (Founder)
Coach, Counselor, Consultant

Connexus Services’ founder is relentless in his exploration of the inter-connections between mind, body, and spirit.  In both his personal life and his work in the world, Scott David practices an approach of constant questioning and inquiry , believing primarily that many of the concepts and beliefs we have lived by may no longer serve us.  With a diverse background in global and multicultural experiences and endeavors, Scott David offers a wealth of insight and wisdom into the principles of human behavior, motivations, values, and interactions.  Having spent over 20 years working in and with organizations and communities to empower their optimal functioning, he brings a special passion to any individual and group he works with to break down barriers preventing them from realizing their potential.

At his core, Scott David believes that every system operates to the best of its current ability, and that chronic problems are always rooted in well-intentioned, but misguided,  efforts to produce a positive outcome.  Limitations of the mind, body, or resources often create circumstances that elicit procedures and habits that, though they work well for a time, often become entrenched as patterns and habits that are then difficult to change.  With compassion, courage, and insight, he seeks to work with you to create new resources, both materially and systemically, that allow you to shift away from old patterns that are no longer working for you.

Scott David’s special interest is in the field of body-mind connection, and how the nervous system plays an integral role in the complex web of human experience and endeavor.  With an in-depth knowledge of the nervous system, he offers bottom-up solutions that form the foundation for lasting change.  His process with clients begins with a firm commitment to meeting and understanding them where they are, establishing a collaborative working relationship from the initial consultation.