Bringing an outsider in to help evaluate the ways you have operated can feel threatening, but when that person becomes a trusted partner in supporting your growth they become an indispensable resource.  It is only natural as humans that we tend towards routine and structure, yet we are all liable to develop a sense of comfort in the ways we think, act, and respond when there is a problem.  However, this comfort can also become a liability as it prevents us from accessing creative and effective solution. New ideas are rejected prematurely because we are using old approaches in defining the problems.  We become stuck in habitual ruts and unable to access the change we most need, and we become trapped by blind spots we cannot identify.

We are here to form a partnership and alliance with you to unwind the old approaches that no longer serve you, working with and for you to stretch and grow into your deeper potential as individuals and organizations.


Why use a life coach? 

You want more out of your life, you feel stuck and don’t know what the next step should be, or you’ve lost your way and want to step back onto your path with confidence.  You have identified some part of yourself or your life that, despite you best intentions and efforts, still feels lackluster, boring, unfulfilled, incomplete, or not in control.  Perhaps you are facing a life transition like the birth of child, a change in careers, a new marriage or are a newly empty-nester. Perhaps you feel inundated by a list of responsibilities and obligations you feel no control over, and spend each day just getting by, getting through.  On the other hand, you may just be struggling with a very specific blockage you want to master, such as public speaking, conflict management, team leadership, etc.

You want to feel in more in control of the direction your life is headed, and you want to arm yourself with tools and skills that will deepen your potential to succeed in your career, your relationships, your family, and your future.   Perhaps you have come to realize your bad habits and coping mechanisms and, no matter how hard you have tried to rid yourself of them, they always seem to return in the end.

As the word “coaching” implies, at Connexus we offer you a proven method and approach to facilitate and empower your growth and movement forward.  We train you with the tools and perspective that enable you to self-identify and resource yourself so that you can sustain the changes you want to see in your life.  We provide guidance and structure and training that deepen your sense of self and provide you with the clarity needed to step forward with confidence and trust.

Coaching can be challenging for many, however, because we presume that you are highly motivated to make changes for your own best interest.  We understand intricately that change inherently causes stress, sometimes especially so when we are changing and growing in healthy, positive ways.  We offer you the support, encouragement, and accountability to help you get to where you want to be.  Most importantly, we are always concerned with the long term, permanent sustainability of any change, and pay special attention to any elements you may hold on to that would sabotage your successes.

Our approach relies heavily on an in-depth working knowledge of human behavior and neurobiology, and we work with you to develop your mastery of all facets of thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that make up who you are. We tailor each coaching experience to the needs and goals of the individual and maximize the time you spend with us by creating actionable goals and crafting suitable strategies for you to deploy.  Change in the human brain is only accomplished through practice and repetition, so you will always leave each session with an assignment of something you will have to practice.

Ultimately, working with our coaching process empowers you to feel more in control, more satisfied, and an increased capacity for creativity and flexibility, as well as the confidence to move as and when you are ready. It can make all the difference of producing lasting change in your life when you believe  you have someone to support and encourage you when you need it, but also to challenge and push you when you have fallen back into old strategies of thinking and acting.

How is Coaching different from Therapeutic Counseling?

In counseling, the client has never had the opportunity to learn how to effectively manage their inner world, and our approach is to be highly mindful that they are working to develop some basic self-care skills in their lives.  They have very few, if any, stories of feeling successful in their lives and as a result, require more involvement and nurture from us.  As a result, our methods are usually adapted towards developing trust and healing wounds from the past, building self-esteem and acceptance.  We focus more on the past, and on how they have arrived where they are so that they will know what needs to be changed.

In coaching, you are ready for a faster-paced approach, one that puts you more squarely in the driver seat.   You have already identified the changes you would like to make, and our methods focus more on your thoughts and behaviors, identifying and replacing unuseful stories with effective and sustainable ones.  We think more in terms of actionable strategies in coaching as opposed to an organic, process-oriented journey in counseling.

How does coaching work?

We start with a 90-minute (in person) meeting to identify the challenges you are facing and define your goals.  We introduce you to our approach, outline what is expected of you, and assess for any related factors you haven’t considered that will impact your process.  After that,  sessions are scheduled in either 30 or 60 minute increments, usually once a week or once every 2 weeks.  Unlimited support is offered via email between sessions, and is built in to the fee you pay for scheduled sessions.

How do you get started?

If you are ready to start the next chapter of your life, schedule your first appointment or contact us for more information.


Our consulting services focus on maximizing your business’ or organization’s most valuable resource: your people.  Because we have spent years working with, among, and studying human systems and behavior, we have a unique approach that allows us to facilitate growth and health.   Our approach is based on the notion that every team is always greater than the sum of its parts, and that the interactions between your staff is as much a part of your success as are the unique skills and talents of the individuals themselves.

As you already may know, a system can only function at its best when each piece is functioning at its best. With people, this can easily become a very complex endeavor to weave together an efficient and productive working entity.  Humans are incredibly complex, and bring that complexity to every relationship and task they engaged.  No two people will ever be the same, no matter how similar they may appear.

Many organizations find themselves wasting time and money managing problems that only waste time, money, or staff.  Some find themselves frustrated with the “revolving” door of hiring, training, and firing.  Old solutions are routinely thrown at new problems, only to find that the problems never really go away. Expansion and new projects are taken on too quickly or frequently, without taking the time to adequately and consciously evaluate whether it will be sustainable.

Our job as your consultants is to assist in unraveling the challenges are you are experiencing and, in partnership with you, devising a strategy for creating sustainable health within your organization.  We are highly specialized in facilitating successful transitions of leadership, as well as identifying and providing effective strategies for evolving your management structures, communication methods, and staff interactions.

Our services are always customized to the needs of our clients and the resources they have available.  We work with small teams and large teams, business entities and non-profits, discreet course corrections or organizational overhaul.

What’s the process like?

We start with an initial consultation with your leadership, determining the scope and budget for the engagement.  Based on that consultation, we deliver an outlined proposal for timeline, objectives, cost, and methods.  A proposal will always include a means of receiving input from all members of your team or organization.  Depending on the pre-determined scope, the proposal may also include specific strategies, training recommendations, restructuring of staff, teams, and times, and other proven methods that are specifically designed to meet the goals.

How do you get started?

Contact us today to set up your consultation.  We’ll guide the process from there.  We look forward to supporting and empowering you and your team to maximizing your potential.

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