Do you experience your life as stale? Stuck? Lost in repetitive habits and routines you feel obligated to repeat, even though you feel like nothing really changes?  Is your life in crisis and you don’t know what your next step should be?  Do you struggle with a nagging feeling that somehow you are missing out in life, unable to figure out what is missing?  Do seemingly simple daily tasks manage to leave you feeling overwhelmed?

If these questions describe you, Therapeutic Counseling can provide a unique opportunity to heal old wounds, develop new life habits that leave you feeling empowered and energized, and expand your potential across your whole life. No doubt you have already tried your absolute best to improve your situation; just because it hasn’t worked out as you hoped doesn’t mean you are a failure, or that you are defective in some way.  In fact, when you reach out for help from a counselor, you are already taking your first courageous step to changing the rest of your life.  Therapeutic Counseling is most effective for those who either feel seriously out of control in their lives, or those who are subtly unsatisfied and want to deepen their awareness of themselves and their world.

Here is a list of the challenges that people experience when they reach out to us for counseling.  For many it isn’t just one symptom, but a combination of many of the following:

Purposelessness Inability to resolve conflict
Shame Dissatisfaction with life
Constant Stress Feeling trapped
Overwhelmed Fear of being close to others
Unexplained Anger Unfulfilled
Rage Feelings of inevitable betrayal
Mood Swings Substance over-use
Feelings of Emptiness Inability to cope with change
Guilt Withdrawal & Shutdown
Hyper-vigilance Sexual difficulties
Chronic loneliness Self-destructive behavior
Hopelessness Perfectionism
Inability to Relax Suicidal thoughts
Inability to express yourself Poor follow through
Lack of self-control Black/White outlook (All or Nothing)
Poor job performance Impulsiveness
Obsessive thoughts Inability to set and enforce boundaries
Feeling isolated Disconnected
Anxious & Nervous Difficulty asking for/receiving help
Social awkwardness Accepting blame inappropriately
Depression Resentful of others
Unsuccessful relationships Inability to forgive or move on
Loss of motivation Nightmares
Mental, emotional, and/or physical fatigue Flashbacks
Low/No self-esteem Inability to trust others
Constant self-doubt Difficulties finding peace
Uncontrollable jealousy Not knowing “Who Am I?”
Despair Desperate for intimacy
Procrastination Helplessness
Feeling defective or broken Crying Spells
Powerlessness Panic attacks
Repetitive arguments with loved ones Feelings of inadequacy
Treatment-resistant Physical Conditions:
  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • GI issues
  • Impotence
  • Weight control
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Joint pain
  • Ticks/Twitches
  • Frequent illness

Through counseling, you can begin to understand and see the driving factors that have controlled your life and begin to take back control.  You learn new ways of thinking, acting, and feeling that lead to feeling more whole and integrated.  Rather than attempting to fix each symptom with a single solution, you are empowered with multiple ways of seeing your struggles, and therefore have greater resources and tools for overcoming them.  We offer you a profound sense of acceptance, meaningful and timely information and education, and opportunities to experience yourself and your world in fresh and empowering ways.

Ultimately, you discover and learn to use the power you have within you to propel your life forward on your terms.  Counseling is an investment in yourself—you’re healing, your growth, and your evolution into the best and truest version of You.  Regardless of the issues you focus on, you will likely experience the benefits of your counseling across all areas of your life—relationships and family life, work life, personal routines, emotional stability, etc.

Many wonder about the difference between Therapeutic Counseling and Coaching.  In counseling, you are asked to engage your whole being—thoughts, feelings, behaviors, body sensations—and to re-work the connections between the various ways you experience the world.  As a result, your investment in the counseling process is usually more involved and lasts longer.  In coaching, you are seeking to address a singular challenge or problem in your life, and are encouraged to contain your focus on that issue.  You are given the skills and tools to resolve that challenge, so that you can feel free to move forward.  While a coaching relationship with us can last a long time, we work with you to address one challenge at a time.

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